Ayurveda is an past scheme of strength safekeeping that is native-born to the Indian subcontinent. The idiom "Ayurveda" is the concoction of language āyus explanation "life" or "life principle", and the remark veda, which refers to a set of laws of "knowledge".

The medium generalization of Ayurvedic medical specialty is the suggestion that wellbeing exists when at hand is a match relating iii major physical substances or doshas named Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Now a years near are loads of ayurvedic resorts in Kerala that offers all kinds of treatments in ayurveda.
Ayurveda treatments

Ayurvedic treatments deviate from the majority of acknowledged cures in its matchless position towards remedial. The principle of treating the sick-abed and not the unwellness is key to all forms of ayurvedic treatments. Rather than difficult to answer a sickness in isolatation, writing takes into report an singular in his sum.

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There are viii divisions of treatments in Ayurveda

Kaya chikitsa (General care)

Visha chikitsa (Toxicology),

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Vajeekarana chikitsa (Aphrodisiac attention).

Grahachikitsa (Psychiatry),

Urndhanga chikitsa (ENT & eye diseases care),

Bala chikitsa (Pediatrics)

Salya chikitsa (Surgical procedures),

Rasayana chikitsa (Geriatrics)

Panchakarma is a random collection of cleanup techniques that Ayurveda prescribes for any diseases and for periodical refinement. A programme of Pancharkarma as usual includes a short-run dietetic prescription, massage, herbs, and may take in purgatives, secretion baths, medicated enemas, and nasal sanitization.


Vamana is a medicated ejection psychiatric therapy which removes Kapha toxins collected in the physical structure and the metabolism geographical region. This is specified to race near in flood Kapha lack of correspondence. Daily aid involves relaxation and mobilizing the toxins in an shot to at length eliminate them.

Nasya (Nose Cleaning)

Nasya involves rule of medicated oil through with the olfactory organ to clean concentrated Kapha toxins from the commander and neck state.


According to Ayurveda, Sirodhara is the quality psychoanalysis for diseases of the disconcerted rules and for emotional snags such as hardened reduction and mental state (panic) attacks. It is besides advisable for persistent headaches, as economically as ear, snout and pharynx problems, and is specially no-frills for headache supervision.

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